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Where are the roots of Feldmeths and their geographical extension?

In my opinion the roots are in the area of Rudersberg - Mittelbrüden / Wuerttemberg / Germany. Some of them went to Willstätt / Baden / Germany and from there also to France (Dörlisheim / Alsace / France). Later a few immigrated to the US or stayed on their way in northern Germany. I also think that the name changed from Fellmeth to Feldmeth in the 16th century.

There are some other researchers where Feldmeth or similar spelled names are referenced. Some of them I have not contacted yet.

Walter Wolf from Weinstadt/Germany: Database of Walter Wolf (Feldmeth, Fellmeth)

Didier Ott from France: Database of Didier Ott (Feldmeth)

Ariane Grammer from Reutlingen/Germany: Database of Ariane Grammer (Feldmeth)

Pierre-Olivier AUBREBY from France: Database of Pierre-Olivier AUBREBY (Feldmeth)

Dorothy Feldmeth: Database of Dorothy Feldmeth (Feldmeth)

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Big birthdays this year

Born this year, Walter Felix 03.07.2017

Born this year, Auer E. **.**.****

10 years, Feldmeth Niklas 06.05.2007

10 years, Metzger Fabian 23.12.2007

40 years, Feldmeth Lindsay Dawn 16.07.1977

40 years, Spieckermann S. **.**.****

40 years, Ivey Dawn Marie 28.07.1977

40 years, Bubenheim D. **.**.****

50 years, Metzger Manfred 13.05.1967

60 years, Feldmeth Rolf (Hans Josef) 22.02.1957

60 years, Mößinger Marion 13.12.1957

60 years, vonBergen David Lee 05.05.1957

60 years, vonBergen Susan Ruth 06.05.1957

75 years, Feldmeth Pamela Ann 18.11.1942

85 years, Feldmeth Margaret 20.04.1932

85 years, Klieber Anneliese 05.09.1932

90 years, Metzger Gertrude (Rosa) 18.12.1927

100 years, Frick Jacob xx.xx.1917

100 years, Spieckermann H. **.**.****

150 years, Hirschel Caroline Marie 15.08.1867

Anniversaries of the death this year

Died this year (07.08.2017), Funk Karl (Ludwig) 22.11.1925

10 years (12.02.2007), Feldmeth Cecilia M. 18.01.1938

20 years (14.07.1997), Feldmeth Marianne 24.06.1928

20 years (27.10.1997), Feldmeth Madora 10.08.1920

50 years (20.05.1967), Stephan verw. Feldmeth Maria (Anna) 30.09.1881

60 years (14.07.1957), Stutz Kaspar 24.10.1867

60 years (xx.xx.1957), Barberio Ethel xx.xx.1957

70 years (26.11.1947), Manshardt Wilhelm 17.06.1900

70 years (07.10.1947), Schob (Karl) Gustav Otto 07.03.1860

70 years (06.01.1947), Sachs Wilhelm 03.01.1872

120 years (xx.xx.1897), Feldmeth Johann Karl xx.xx.1825

120 years (xx.xx.1897), Feldmeth Rosine Eva xx.xx.1828

120 years (25.04.1897), Feldmeth Christian 13.11.1833

140 years (06.11.1877), Feldmeth Sophie 05.11.1877

150 years (26.01.1867), Karcher Kunigunde 02.03.1814

190 years (28.02.1827), Feldmeth Catherina 08.08.1741

230 years (11.09.1787), Feldmeth Margaretha 07.09.1739

250 years (19.01.1767), Feldmeth Anna Catherina 07.12.1706

350 years (12.09.1667), Feldmeth Michael xx.xx.1600

370 years (13.05.1647), Feldmeth Anna xx.xx.1611

Wedding anniversaries this year

Bernd Metzger 02.02.1970 10th wedding anniversary with Metzger M. **.**.****

Karin (Rosemarie) Styra 17.04.1947 40th wedding anniversary with Styra Karl Heinz 27.08.1938

David Lee vonBergen 05.05.1957 40th wedding anniversary with vonBergen Susan Ruth 06.05.1957

Cathy Legnini 21.12.1955 40th wedding anniversary with Legnini David Edward 30.07.1954

Ethel Florence Feldmeth 16.03.1909 90th wedding anniversary with Feldmeth Edward Alfred 28.04.1903

David Feldmeth 28.02.1802 190th wedding anniversary with Feldmeth Barbara (Barbe) 08.11.1805

Anna Feldmeth xx.xx.1611 370th wedding anniversary with Feldmeth Michael xx.xx.1600

Updates from the last three months

Feldmeth-Walter Tobias 15.05.1986 was updated on 12.9.2017 19:18:17

Funk Hedwig 27.01.1930 was updated on 15.8.2017 22:23:5

Funk Karl (Ludwig) 22.11.1925 was updated on 15.8.2017 22:22:21

Bubenheim D. **.**.**** was updated on 6.8.2017 23:59:0

Auer E. **.**.**** was updated on 5.8.2017 21:11:24

Feldmeth Anne Karina 22.11.1984 was updated on 5.8.2017 21:4:40

Feldmeth Johann Georg 04.07.1845 was updated on 5.8.2017 18:14:30

Feldmeth Ann Marie 18.03.1963 was updated on 30.7.2017 22:24:56

Database updated on 12.9.2017

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