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Where are the roots of Feldmeths and their geographical extension?

In my opinion the roots are in the area of Rudersberg - Mittelbrüden / Wuerttemberg / Germany. Some of them went to Willstätt / Baden / Germany and from there also to France (Dörlisheim / Alsace / France). Later a few immigrated to the US or stayed on their way in northern Germany. I also think that the name changed from Fellmeth to Feldmeth in the 16th century.

There are some other researchers where Feldmeth or similar spelled names are referenced. Some of them I have not contacted yet.

Walter Wolf from Weinstadt/Germany: Database of Walter Wolf (Feldmeth, Fellmeth)

Didier Ott from France: Database of Didier Ott (Feldmeth)

Ariane Grammer from Reutlingen/Germany: Database of Ariane Grammer (Feldmeth)

Pierre-Olivier AUBREBY from France: Database of Pierre-Olivier AUBREBY (Feldmeth)

Dorothy Feldmeth: Database of Dorothy Feldmeth (Feldmeth)

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Birthday today

Feldmeth Andrew 26.03.1998 has birthday today

Sachs Anna Theresia 26.03.1872 has birthday today

Anniversaries of the death this year

20 years (02.03.2003), Bühler Hedwig 24.10.1920

20 years (17.03.2003), Wiederrecht Otto 15.11.1912

20 years (01.06.2003), Feldmeth Ingrid 29.11.1926

30 years (12.05.1993), Feldmeth Adam 05.12.1907

30 years (07.11.1993), Feldmeth Ruth P. 02.07.1906

30 years (21.05.1993), Feldmeth Carl Samuel 01.02.1914

30 years (18.08.1993), Naegele Helen 25.03.1905

40 years (25.11.1983), Feldmeth Rosa 17.07.1904

40 years (12.05.1983), Roth Pauline 24.06.1897

40 years (19.07.1983), Stutz (Franz) Josef 09.03.1896

40 years (18.04.1983), Feldmeth Richard 22.03.1911

40 years (15.03.1983), Feldmeth Fritz 05.04.1908

40 years (20.12.1983), Feldmeth Luise 23.05.1904

40 years (08.02.1983), Feldmeth Anna 09.02.1906

50 years (11.01.1973), Feldmeth Karolina 05.05.1884

50 years (xx.02.1973), Feldmeth Martha 13.07.1911

60 years (15.11.1963), Finnerty Lillian Augusta 01.08.1900

60 years (02.01.1963), Finnerty Stephen Joseph 26.12.1962

70 years (26.03.1953), Feldmeth David Edward 25.03.1934

70 years (11.05.1953), Finnerty Michael Joseph 13.01.1899

80 years (10.10.1943), Wiederrecht Pauline 21.02.1871

110 years (29.10.1913), Karcher Lorenz 28.09.1842

130 years (16.02.1893), Michaels George Heinrich Christian 06.03.1884

130 years (20.12.1893), Feldmeth Johanne Wilhelmine 06.01.1820

160 years (20.06.1863), Feldmeth Johann Georg xx.xx.1859

180 years (06.09.1843), Feldmeth Friederike Gottliebin 24.08.1843

320 years (03.09.1703), Feldmeth Michael 17.03.1643

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