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Where are the roots of Feldmeths and their geographical extension?

In my opinion the roots are in the area of Rudersberg - Mittelbrüden / Wuerttemberg / Germany. Some of them went to Willstätt / Baden / Germany and from there also to France (Dörlisheim / Alsace / France). Later a few immigrated to the US or stayed on their way in northern Germany. I also think that the name changed from Fellmeth to Feldmeth in the 16th century.

There are some other researchers where Feldmeth or similar spelled names are referenced. Some of them I have not contacted yet.

Walter Wolf from Weinstadt/Germany: Database of Walter Wolf (Feldmeth, Fellmeth)

Didier Ott from France: Database of Didier Ott (Feldmeth)

Ariane Grammer from Reutlingen/Germany: Database of Ariane Grammer (Feldmeth)

Pierre-Olivier AUBREBY from France: Database of Pierre-Olivier AUBREBY (Feldmeth)

Dorothy Feldmeth: Database of Dorothy Feldmeth (Feldmeth)

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Birthday today

Bühler Johannes 30.11.1930 has birthday today

Anniversaries of the death this year

10 years (06.10.2010), Feldmeth Anna 13.06.1926

20 years (18.02.2000), Schneider Traudel 10.07.1938

40 years (30.04.1980), Feldmeth William 25.01.1894

60 years (05.08.1960), Feldmeth Edward Alfred 28.04.1903

130 years (26.05.1890), Feldmeth Elisabetha 14.02.1808

140 years (02.01.1880), Feldmeth Carolina Clara 19.06.1843

140 years (12.08.1880), Feldmeth Christian 15.11.1800

140 years (06.09.1880), Feldmeth Barbara 26.12.1879

150 years (xx.xx.1870), Feldmeth Christian xx.xx.1870

150 years (09.02.1870), Pantzer Margaretha 18.02.1800

160 years (xx.11.1860), Feldmeth Maria 16.12.1857

170 years (xx.xx.1850), Feldmeth Christine xx.xx.1824

190 years (xx.xx.1830), Schönberger Christine xx.xx.1765

280 years (18.01.1740), Feldmeth Anna Maria 18.09.1670

280 years (08.10.1740), Feldmeth Margaretha 24.05.1740

310 years (17.01.1710), Feldmeth Joseph 17.04.1651

Wedding anniversaries this year

Bernd Feldmeth 16.09.1958 30th wedding anniversary with Feldmeth Jutta 07.12.1962

George Moffa xx.xx.19xx 70th wedding anniversary with Moffa Irene Ruth 13.03.1931

George (Georg) Feldmeth 30.03.1860 130th wedding anniversary with Feldmeth Anna Bertha xx.02.1871

Christina Adam 08.07.1834 140th wedding anniversary with Adam Jacob 08.03.1823

Martin Stutz 11.11.1835 160th wedding anniversary with Stutz Agnes 22.01.1828

Anna Barbara Feldmeth 1x.09.1770 220th wedding anniversary with Feldmeth Johannes (Hans) 24.10.1770

Christoph Jacob Paquet xx.xx.17xx 260th wedding anniversary with Paquet Maria Elisabetha xx.xx.17xx

Michael Feldmeth 17.03.1643 350th wedding anniversary with Feldmeth Anna 13.08.1648

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