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Where are the roots of Feldmeths and their geographical extension?

In my opinion the roots are in the area of Rudersberg - Mittelbrüden / Wuerttemberg / Germany. Some of them went to Willstätt / Baden / Germany and from there also to France (Dörlisheim / Alsace / France). Later a few immigrated to the US or stayed on their way in northern Germany. I also think that the name changed from Fellmeth to Feldmeth in the 16th century.

There are some other researchers where Feldmeth or similar spelled names are referenced. Some of them I have not contacted yet.

Walter Wolf from Weinstadt/Germany: Database of Walter Wolf (Feldmeth, Fellmeth)
Didier Ott from France: Database of Didier Ott (Feldmeth)
Ariane Grammer from Reutlingen/Germany: Database of Ariane Grammer (Feldmeth)
Pierre-Olivier AUBREBY from France: Database of Pierre-Olivier AUBREBY (Feldmeth)
Dorothy Feldmeth: Database of Dorothy Feldmeth (Feldmeth)

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Big birthdays this year
10 years, Barberio Gina Sophia 19.09.2006
30 years, Feldmeth-Walter Tobias 15.05.1986
30 years, Legnini Daniel Mark 14.11.1986
40 years, Wunsch Manuela 03.06.1976
40 years, Müller-Feldmeth Daniel Georg 28.01.1976
50 years, Feldmeth Rainer 13.12.1966
50 years, Feldmeth Linda 11.06.1966
60 years, Feldmeth Patti (Patricia) J 10.11.1956
60 years, Feldmeth Helga 14.03.1956
75 years, Feldmeth William Harold 27.06.1941
75 years, Feldmeth Rosemarie 05.07.1941
80 years, Feldmeth Frieda Gertrude Helga 15.02.1936
100 years, Frick Karl xx.xx.1916
150 years, Feldmeth Katharina 20.09.1866
150 years, Feldmeth Georg 23.07.1866
Anniversaries of the death this year
10 years (03.03.2006), Feldmeth Ronald R. 05.06.1934
10 years (29.11.2006), Finnerty Shane Patrick 27.11.2006
20 years (23.09.1996), Feldmeth Annetta 27.07.1900
30 years (20.01.1986), Feldmeth Ethel Florence 16.03.1909
30 years (25.03.1986), Hall June Dolores 17.12.1929
30 years (17.11.1986), Feldmeth Katharina 25.11.1839
40 years (xx.12.1976), Feldmeth Elizabeth 07.03.1933
40 years (25.09.1976), Feldmeth Stephen 11.09.1956
50 years (xx.02.1966), Feldmeth Anna 20.10.1889
60 years (11.03.1956), Sachs Anna Theresia 26.03.1872
60 years (xx.xx.1956), Kübler Friedrich xx.xx.1874
70 years (30.01.1946), Wiederrecht Benjamin 27.02.1871
80 years (xx.xx.1936), Kübler Katharina xx.xx.1884
80 years (xx.xx.1936), Feldmeth Karl xx.xx.1936
120 years (13.12.1896), Sachs Paul 18.06.1820
120 years (21.03.1896), Karcher Johann 05.05.1815
120 years (05.12.1896), Feldmeth Georg 08.04.1823
130 years (1x.02.1886), Michaels Barbara xx.11.1855
130 years (23.07.1886), Michaels Johann Louis 05.02.1886
150 years (10.02.1866), Feldmeth (Katharina) Elisabetha 31.03.1777
180 years (06.12.1836), Feldmeth Johannes (Hans) 24.10.1770
210 years (20.11.1806), Feldmeth David 20.05.1775
210 years (07.03.1806), Feldmeth Margaretha 10.11.1802
Wedding anniversaries this year
Feldmeth (Hans) Kurt 10.07.1923 70th wedding anniversary with Feldmeth Klara (Emilie) 11.05.1925
Fortune Arthur Samuel 14.05.1883 110th wedding anniversary with Fortune Lottie Amelia 12.07.1889
Sachs Wilhelm 03.01.1872 120th wedding anniversary with Sachs Anna Theresia 26.03.1872
Müller Luise Karoline 18.12.1859 130th wedding anniversary with Müller Johann Georg 04.01.1858
Denni Margarethe 25.11.1835 150th wedding anniversary with Denni Frédéric (Friedrich) xx.xx.1835
Pantzer Diebold um 1800 190th wedding anniversary with Pantzer Margaretha 18.02.1800
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